$100 A Day Idea 12 Facebook Ads Management

$100 A Day Idea 12 Facebook Ads Management

How To Make $100 A Day With Facebook Ads Management


There are two big players in the PPC space, Google AdWords and Facebook. I still agree that any and all companies that are able to make the ROI work should be advertising on Google AdWords. However, not all companies can afford to or are suited for it. This kind of businesses need someone to manage their ad campaign (obviously) and that person can be you!

This is a business model I’ve run myself it can be difficult to make work at first. However, once you find the winning combination it’s easy street.

Best of all, the ROI available from Facebook Ads compared with Google AdWords or any other PPC platform is astronomical. With the right kind of product or service, you can very plausibly hit an ROI of 1000% or more! Making for some very happy customers.

The fact is that Facebook is as deep and as wide as you want it to be. If you simply want to put up a lead generation campaign you can, if you want to hit a multi-level marketing strategy with 10 different touch points including regular ads, email marketing, video marketing, re-targeting, etc. you can! It all depends on what is required for your client. Typically, the higher price the product is, the more sophistication you will need.

Bonus Offer (Free)

Pro’s & Con’s



Can work with online or offline clients You need to sell your services
Tonnes of businesses need this service! Retention can be hard if you are not successful
Potential fees you can charge are unlimited (higher budget = higher fee if % of budget) Getting your first clients can be hard without a case study or referral
Lots you can learn and improve! Lots you need to learn to improve!
Sometimes you get lucky and it is an easy high ROI campaign Sometimes, no matter what you try, you can never make a campaign work…
It’s very satisfying helping a business grow

Quick Guide

What do I mean by combination? The combo of Targeting + Facebook Ad + Landing Page + Offer.

The offer is what your client provides, or that you create for them. This can be the product or service they are selling, or a lead magnet either you or they create. It is the “bait” and if it isn’t a good fit, then your ad is not going to work.

So, you want to choose the right kind of client, first of all! Here are several criteria to choosing the right client to work with. These are relatively arbitrary and you can tweak them as you find out what works. Use it as a starting point.

  1. Easy to understand product or service, nothing ground breaking (e.g. dentists)
  2. High price point, or opportunity for high price up-sells / cross-sells (e.g. luxury e-commerce)
  3. Something that has a relatively clear audience (e.g. rich grandmothers)

The type of client you choose is up to you, I recommend focusing on a single niche. Because then you can use the same case study for all future clients. You only need 1 big ROI winner to use as a case study. Once you get that, it gets much easier.

Offline or online clients is up to you, it depends on what is an easier sell and on what your niche is. You could potentially run your entire business by targeting only (say) fashion e-commerce retailers or dentists. If you personally have experience in a field, it makes it much easier to speak their language.

How I Would Do It

We will use online e-commerce stores as our example. Specifically, we will find niche retailers who have a high volume of traffic.

  1. Identify potential clients in need of your services
    1. Visit MS
    2. These are all websites that run on the Shopify platform
    3. Sort by descending “World Site Popular Rating”
    4. These are the top ranked Shopify stores by world ranking, thus meeting both criteria (high volume + e-commerce)
    5. Visit each of these websites and browse around
    6. What we are looking for is 1) re-targeting and 2) pixel installation
    7. Install Facebook Pixel Helper
    8. And see if they have the Facebook Pixel installed on their website or not
    9. Keep track of all the websites that do and don’t have a pixel installed, if they do not have a pixel installed, there is a high chance they are not doing Facebook ads (or doing it badly). Time to reach out!
    10. If they have it installed, keep an eye out on Facebook for re-marketing ads targeted to you. If you see an ad from them that you would not have seen before, they are probably re-marketing.
    11. Is the ad good? Move on. If it’s bad and something you can fix, time to reach out!
  2. For outreach information, check out: The Mailshake Playbook and Criminally Prolific
    1. You should have a semi-templated email to send to each of these companies one after another, we want volume here.
    2. I also advise you to learn as much as you can from Criminally Prolific, solid stuff!
  3. Assuming you get the client, well done! I would start by offering to work the first month free, after which you will charge $500 a month. Unless you already have a good case study. If not, then this will be your case study.
  4. You’ll need to setup a Facebook business account and get access to their account
    1. Guide – Facebook Business Manager
  5. Figure out what the goal of the ad campaign is:
    1. Lead generation (getting emails)
    2. Product sales
    3. Social media outreach
    4. Brand recognition
    5. Competition promotion, etc.
  6. Now it is time to setup the ad,
    1. I would start by reading Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising
    2. And KlientBoost Facebook Ads Resources (devour EVERYTHING on Klient Boost)
    3. Adespresso Facebook Ads Beginner Guide
    4. Buffer Guide to Facebook Ads
    5. Neil Patel – What is Facebook Advertising
    6. Hubspot Paid Ads Checklist
  7. Depending on what the goal of the ad campaign is, you will either setup a landing page, or the client will have one already since we are going with an e-commerce store, we want to promote a specific product or collection
    1. The key here is to find a product/target audience fit
    2. g. bikers will be a good fit for a leather jacket store
    3. People who love elephants will be a good fit for a novelty elephant t-shirt, etc.
  8. Ensure the pixel is installed on the page because we are going to retarget! This is where the real ROI comes from, after all!
    1. Facebook Pixel Guide
    2. Acquisio – 4 Simple Steps To Create Facebook Retargeting Campaign
    3. Wordstream Facebook Re-Marketing Guide
  9. Now, you track, monitor and split test every part of this.

A full set of resources is included at the end.

Facebook Ads are by no means a simple thing, you can learn a dozen different areas to become a master and still not reach the bottom. Some of the areas you need to be learning about include:

  • CRO
  • Graphic Design
  • Email Marketing
  • Landing Page Design
  • Split-Testing
  • Re-Targeting
  • Sales Funnels
  • Copywriting

And heaps more… It is a bottomless pit of learning, where that is good or bad is up to you :p

$100 A Day Math

Since we are charging $500 a month, this is simple. You simply need 6 ongoing clients to reach $3,000 a month, or $100 a day.

Scalability – Can It Become A Million Dollar Business?

Yes, but not at $500 a month. You will get your case studies and develop your niche. Over time, you will be able to charge more and more because the type of budgets you will work with will increase. You will become a highly in-demand marketer. And the beauty is, with Facebook Advertising, you can become a million-dollar business on your own (or with some freelancers you outsource work too!).

To hit this level though, you will have to become a master of your own marketing. Much harder than doing it for your clients!

Connected Ideas

  • Google AdWords Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Local Lead Generation
  • eCommerce
  • Email Marketing

Further Resources

  1. Briefing requirements
    1. What do you need to know to start?
  2. Setup and configuration
    1. Options and processes, tips
  3. Manage and optimise
    1. Processes, tips
  4. Reporting
    1. Options and formats

Briefing Requirements + Setup & Configuration

  1. Account setup
    1. Have a central business manager account (I.e. Permission Business Manager)
      1. Clients connect their accounts to this and you manage from your account
    2. Setup Guide (+ More!)
  2. Pixel setup
    1. Setup Guide
    2. Chrome Extension – Facebook Pixel Helper
  3. Desired end goal
    1. Leads? Walk-in traffic? Coupons? Brand Awareness? Page Growth? Etc.
  4. KPIs (link ultimate KPI to end goal)
    1. What can be measured can be improved. Decide on a KPI to ensure the overall health of the campaign is successful and improving.
    2. Industry Averages & Benchmarks
    3. ROI Above All Else.
  5. Budget
    1. Decide on daily budget
      1. Start at part of it to test, test, test then increase spending
      2. Typically start at 1/3 or 2/3 of ad spend and split over a reasonable amount of campaigns/ad sets/advertisements (minimum $5 per day per ad)
    2. Understand if (with superior performance) this can be stretched (important!)
      1. Once you hit a winner, the last thing you want to do is end the campaign.
    3. Art work/media
      1. Facebook Ad Specs & Sizes (2017)
      2. Easy answer: ensure all images are 1200 x 675 pixels and EXCELLENT QUALITY
      3. Use an ad mockup too, such as Facebook Creative Hub or Ad Parlor (multiple social network platforms)
    4. Copy (beginning)
      1. Note that character limits change with different placements
      2. Character Limits (Buffer Link Above)

Manage and Optimise

Things you need to know:

  1. Planning your funnel (depends on your goal)
  2. Setup of the Facebook side of your sales funnel
  3. Custom Audiences & Re-Targeting
  4. Split testing (+ my process) & organisation
  5. Daily management and optimisation
  6. Scaling
  7. Competition Spying


  1. Measuring Results
  2. Ads Reporting



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