$100 A Day Idea 15 Website Testing

$100 A Day Idea 15 Website Testing

How To Make $100 A Day With Website Testing


There’s not a lot to this one, the idea is simple and it’s ripe for you to get started. I am talking about Website Testing. People will literally pay you to test out their website. More than that, they will also pay you to review it, critique it and offer ways to improve it.

It may sound silly at first, but hitting a $100 a day is attainable with this method, and it is actually super important for website owners. So, not only is it profitable for you, but you are also performing a helpful service!

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Pro’s & Con’s



Helpful to website owners Not always jobs available
High $ earning per hour Not a long-term career / business
Develop an excellent skill (knowing how websites work, UI/UX, etc. You will probably get tired of it
Can work from home

Quick Guide

There are a variety of reasons that website owners would pay you to review or test their website. From ensuring user flow is right, checking for CRO issues or flaws, bottlenecks, missed opportunities, or even just checking for mistakes. It’s hard to see all of this when you yourself created the website. You become blind to these issues.

Which is why it being so valuable to get someone else’s perspective on your website. In real terms? It can add several % to the value of your website, by fixing or improving on the issues identified. When that % can mean thousands of dollars, paying someone $100 an hour to do that for you is worth it! Often, only an hours’ worth of reviews (or several shorter reviews from different people) can be all you need. Which is why website owners being happy to pay that much.

How I Would Do It

  1. Sign up for one (or all!) of these services:
    1. Work At Home Woman
    2. Enroll
    3. Startup Lift
    4. Testing Time
    5. Try My UI
    6. Userfeel
    7. Userlytics
    8. User Zoom
    9. Validately
    10. What Users Do
    11. DICE
    12. User Testing
  2. Most will have a practice or sample test, and may even require you to undergo testing to be approved before you can take on projects. So, get a feel for the kind of work required
  3. Always be sure to do great work, because the companies you work for will often review you, which can be the difference between getting jobs or not. Or getting paid more.
  4. You will probably need to have an easily understandable accent and a good grasp of English, so this may not be a suitable job for global readers.
  5. And make sure you have a decent quality mic, head phones (or headset) and possibly webcam. Some will record your eye movements and facial reactions. Not all, though.

$100 A Day Math

Many services will charge between $10 and $15 for 20 mins. Per hour that means between $40 and $60. Which means, you can easily hit $100 a day within 2.5 and 1.67 hours of work. That being said, you’re likely going to do many smaller projects to reach that. You may review many different websites in that time. And you may not even get that many jobs. But it is possible.

Bear in mind also, that it is definitely possible to be paid more per website review. Especially if you can improve your skills in UI/UX design, CRO and web design.


Scalability – Can It Become A Million Dollar Business?

No. You cannot trade enough of your time doing this to make a million dollars. Unless you become top 1% in the world consultant for CRO, UI/UX, Web Design or some relevant skill… it is very unlikely. There is the possibility of turning it into a productized service and scaling it up as a business. Or launching your own platform to connect freelancers and clients.

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