Hello and thanks for coming by! My goal here is to publish and help every reader reach the minimum goal of $100 per day. Why $100 per day? Because in my research that is the minimum dollar amount that you need to earn per day to live a decent life (in the west). In other countries, it may be much less, but since our focus here is on living in first world countries, that’s our goal!

On average, that means that (pre-tax) you will earn $36,500 per year if you can hit $100 per day. That does not mean just $100 per day, it could be $700 per week or $3,000 per month. Depending on what method you use, that could be 100 sales of $1 each or 1 sale of $3,000 per month.

And different things work for different people, each of us has different resources, skills and knowledge available to us. So we are going to publish 101 different ways (AND MORE LATER!) to earn $100 per day.

That is not to limit us, many of these methods can take you to 6 or even 7 figure incomes per year, but that is our minimum. If you can hit this target goal of $100 per day, your life will change. Guaranteed.

Contact me via Email : dj101ways@gmail.com