How To Make $100 A Day By Sweeping Parking Lots

$100 A Day Idea #4 Parking Lot Sweeper

How To Make $100 A Day By Sweeping Parking Lots


Here’s an interesting idea. Make money by sweeping parking lots! All sorts of trash, debris, leaves and such sweep through a busy parking lot each day. Someone must be cleaning them, right? Because surely each morning, as sure as the sun rises, there seems to be yet another clean parking lot!

There are a few professional companies that do this, and may even have industrial size street sweeping vehicles to do it faster. But there are plenty of small-scale parking lots across the world that need a good tidying up. So, it’s time for you to cash in! This is the perfect opportunity to make a side hustle of it, or even to scale up (potentially). Get in there and start up your own commercial cleaning operation!

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Pro’s & Con’s



Cheap to start up, easy to start Competition with bigger (better funded) companies.
Can scale up by hiring others relatively easily, so long as you can get new contracts! It is manual labour, and working at night
Even working alone, it is possible to hit 6 figures You’ll need to get the contracts which means you need to sell and keep clients happy
Working at night enables you to do this as a side hustle! It can be lonely and possibly dangerous working alone at night
You can gain quickly synergy by working at multiple parking lots near each other

Quick Guide

The idea for this came originally from a Clickbank eBook called Clean Lots. The website does not seem to be available anymore and I can no longer find the eBook, unfortunately. The only thing that remains is a few articles and brief mentions on forums. This is one of those ideas where you get out of it what you put in.

To succeed you will need to be able to sell your services and do a good job. Then to continue giving good service for the duration of your contract. It is easy to let standards slip when you may be working a full-time job and having to do this at night. But it can very quickly replace your job or exceed into a larger company if you choose.

  1. You will need the minimum required tools, but do not buy them until after you have secured your first client. The parking lot owner may well have their own tools for you to use.
    1. You can get started with as little as a simple broom and scooping tool
    2. And maybe a pair of overalls to wear over your other clothes
  2. Time to hit the streets! Head out late at night, depending on when shops close in your area and see if any are not being cleaned. Some may only be cleaned once or twice a week. So pass by and keep a log of which are being cleaned and when.
  3. Identify the ones that are not being attended to and try to get in touch with the owner.
  4. Many parking lots are owned by companies, so it should be easy to get the contact details of the manager in charge of the facility or of commercial cleaning operations.
  5. They will likely ask for your estimate or quote. How do you get this?
    1. Estimate how long it will take you to clean the parking lot, depending on the size. You could also decide on a formula based on square footage. Or on the number of car parks there.
    2. Using the size of the parking lot, you can easily estimate how long it will take you to clean it, so times that by a fair hourly rate. Perhaps $20 to $30 per hour to start.
    3. You may even be able to get more information from other commercial cleaning companies that offer similar services, they may even mention it on their website, so follow their example!
  6. Now it’s time to get to work!

$100 A Day Math

Difficult to say exactly. If you can only clean 1 small parking lot that you can complete in an hour or two, your earnings will obviously be limited. However, where this can scale is by cleaning multiple parking lots. If you can get a hold of several commercial cleaning contracts, you can quickly scale this up. You will also be able to speed it up as you get better, or can afford better equipment.

In the spirit of simplicity, you’d need to do 5 hours of work per night at $20 per hour.

Scalability – Can It Become A Million Dollar Business?

Jerome Boykin managed to grow his cleaning business to mid-six figures per year, but that is by using street sweeping trucks. He now has the contract for several Walmart stores and this has enabled him to also lease extra trucks and hire more people. You can see how this can scale!

You may well be able to expand this into other areas that facility managers might require, such as commercial cleaning of the buildings, power washing, landscaping and gardening, etc. There’s no reason you can’t trim the hedges while you sweep the parking lot!

If you want to get really serious, you can also combine your knowledge of Digital Marketing, SEO, PPC and Copywriting to be the first one they find when the local business goes looking!

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