Intro to Sales Funnels Series – Part 1 Overview

Hello everybody this is David coming at you with the first in our Sales Funnel Series.


I want you to literally imagine a funnel – seriously! Something like this:

The purpose of a sales funnel and in imagining it this way is to understand the process your potential client or customer will take to go from start to finish, from introduction to sale (and beyond).


At the top, we have our impressions, this is viewers, potential customers, people who we want to get to the next level. In the context of Facebook, this is potentially everybody. We want to narrow this down via targeting until we get a specific audience – that is people who want or need your services.

Our goal on this level is to lead the right kind of customers to click on our ads and to then become visitors. We do this by targeting the right audiences, by using imagery and copy that speaks to them in their language and makes it clear what kind of service is on offer.

Clicks (Visitors)

Alright, we’ve got one of our impressions to click on an ad – GREAT! This will typically take the visitor to a landing page. On this page, we will have a very brief description of what’s on offer, a form to capture their contact details and often a hook.

Now, we’re after things like name, phone number, email address, etc. This is important, private information! So, someone who is willing to leave this information behind needs your services. And if they are still unsure or hesitant, we convince them further by using a hook. This is an offer that is just too good to refuse. Oftentimes this takes the form of a downloadable PDF, a checklist, an eBook, free content, a discount or free consultation. It can be anything. Having a good offer that hooks customers is SUPER IMPORTANT!


If our hook or offer is good enough to convince the potential customer to leave behind contact details, then we have now officially…captured a lead! Yay! This is about when we would normally hand off the details to you and our job is done!

However, this is not always the case. Every potential lead is at different stages in their buying journey. Some might be ready to meet with you, the service provider tomorrow…some might just be price shopping or aren’t convinced yet. That’s fine, in that case we want to nurture the lead. This is most often achieved via two methods:

  1. Email Marketing or a Drip series of emails (free!)

The most common type of lead nurturing email series is 3 – 7 emails over which time you continue educating your client, guiding them towards a decision, building trust and brand recognition and just generally helping them become more comfortable with who you are and what you must offer. And why they need you!

  1. Alternatively, we commence a re-targeting campaign

Via Facebook or other sources, we can change the kind of ads delivered to customers who have either clicked an ad but not left their contact information. In this case, it is our goal to build trust and brand recognition by being there and reminding them who you are and what you do.

Or we can target customers who have left their information but have not yet scheduled a time to meet or move forward with your offer. A friendly reminder that your service is so awesome suffices!

Sales (buyers)

Well, this isn’t my area of expertise but that’s why you do what you do and I do what I do!

Every company has their sales process, whether it be a bottle of milk at the supermarket, a $10k enterprise software package or wedding photography. Heck, even convincing your kid to eat their greens counts.

Everything is sales.

It is your job to sell the customer on the reason why your service is so great and what they are getting is well worth the money they will be spending.

The second half then is to provide a kick ass service that goes way above and beyond what they can ever have hoped to get! If you can achieve that level of quality, value and service, then you will progress buyers to the next level (oh yeah…there’s more!)

Customers (repeat buyers)

Okay. This one’s a bit tricky for the wedding industry, so we might skip it. But quick…

If customers are coming back to buy from you again and again, then you must have done something right, great job!

But in the wedding industry, you kind of hope that they don’t need to use you again, right?

So, then what’s more important for us is…


And here is the wedding industry really shines. We are REALLY referrable! And it is so easy to become referrable, all you have to do is – get ready…

Do a good job.

That’s it.

Oh and maybe remind them to refer you.

This takes a variety of shapes and forms, but Facebook is perfect for this too. It’s beyond the scope of Hitched in it’s current form but there’s a variety of ways you can help nurture your former clients into referring you.

  • Stay in contact! Follow up with them after the wedding and all is said and done and be sure to check that everything is exactly as they hoped it would be. And if it is, ask for the referral. Just ask. Seriously. Do it. I know you don’t want to.
  • Ask for the referral.
  • In visual fields, you can share their photos on your website or Facebook. If it’s on Facebook – TAG THEM! This will then get them tagging their friends whose friends friends will then see them and your amazing work!
  • You could write a blog post detailing the night, what you did and why it was so great.
  • One of my favourite (in marketing) is to create a case study!

If you’ve seriously gone beyond all imaginable expectations and they are more than happy to refer you, you just might have created a champion


People who will be loyal to you for life, who will sing your praises in the halls of Valhalla *ahem* I mean the water cooler.

Interestingly, this is where branding becomes valuable. Who do you think is more likely to create champions? Lemonade Stand Photography or Bill Gantt the photographer?

If you’ve gotten customers to this stage, then you’ve nailed their Lifetime Value (LTV) through the roof. Well done.

That concludes our brief overlook of the Sales Funnel. Up next will be an expansion on what Hitched specialises in.

  • Impressions (Link)
  • Clicks (Link)
  • Leads (Link)

It is my goal that by the end of this, not only will you have a full understanding of these topics, but could even do the job yourself.


P.s… Here’s the second half of that funnel. But that’s a topic for another day:


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