Intro to Sales Funnels Series – Part III Clicks (Visitors)

Hello and welcome to Part 3 of our Sales Funnel Series. Today’s episode is on the very next topic… Clicks!

Clicks could be classified as traffic, or potential leads. Viewers on your website or window shoppers. These are people who have had enough interest in your product or service to go to the next step, from impression to click. They walk in the store, so to speak. They visit the website or wherever you send them. And in so doing, they move down one level deeper into our Sales Funnel. Hooray!

In our context, that of Facebook Advertising, this is specifically where they click on your ad and are then sent to your landing page. To get to this point, your ad is interesting enough or appealing enough that they felt the desire or need to click your ad and be taken away from whatever they were doing (scrolling through Facebook).

There’s many ways to achieve this in our context, a bright image, killer copy, an offer too good to refuse. I’ll be honest, it’s easy to get clicks. Clicks are easy to get. You are fully capable of getting a million clicks to your website in a very short time (for $$) on Facebook, but there’s something more important than volume of visitors!


If your business operates in Brisbane and you get a tonne of clicks from Timbuktu, that’s a waste of money! IT looks good in your stats and figures. You can say you got a tonne of clicks for $X amount per click! But every single one of those potential buyers…is not a potential buyer. Wasted ad spend!

If your business operates a photo booth rental and you offer a free bouquet of flowers on your ad for leaving their details behind, you’ll get a lot of people interested in a free bouquet of flowers and probably very few that were interested in renting your photo booth.

You want the right customer looking at your business, not an unqualified one otherwise you are just wasting money and time. This is the reason why Google AdWords is a powerhouse of pay-per-click. When someone searches for “Wedding Cakes in Sydney” you know EXACTLY what they are looking for and they know exactly what they need. Then it’s just a competition for their click.

The reason why we prefer to work with Facebook Advertising is because it’s impulse driven with just enough specific targeting to make it worthwhile. This results in much cheaper clicks. On Google AdWords, it is not uncommon to see a cost-per-click (CPC) of $2, $5, $10, $15, $20… and there is no guarantee anyone there will even buy. You must have your numbers exactly right or you will lose money. Frankly, it isn’t even worth it for most businesses as the margin on their product is too low.

Facebook Advertising allows wedding professionals and businesses to use the unique factors in FB Ads to their advantage. Imagery, copy, offers, targeting, these things are practically tailor made for the wedding industry. What business can produce more beautiful images? Or better sounding copy?

Emotion is the word of the day, feeling. I feel like this photographer is the right one. I love those flowers. I need (but not really) to have that DJ! How often do soon-to-be-wed couples speak like that?

Not only speak like that but think like that. It is an intensely emotional time and Facebook Ads are tailor made to capture and enhance those emotions. The cold and plain design of a Google Search ad cannot compare.

Plus, you can get it much cheaper too which allows you to make more mistakes, test more things and overall do better.

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