Intro to Sales Funnels Series – Part IV Leads (Final)

Alright, let me preface this first by saying this is not the end of the sales funnel! And you should be looking far deeper than what is covered here.

So, without further ado, let us investigate the Lead

Once you have set up your ad or page post, and the potential customer has clicked through to your landing page, the next step is to provide content so valuable that they deem it worthy of leaving behind their contact details. This comes in many forms and is tied directly to your marketing message in your ad. This is also called a “hook” “bait” or “lead magnet” (many other names too…) Often this comes in the form of:

  1. How to get XXX (positive result for your customer)
  2. How to avoid/solve XXX (problem your potential customers have)
  3. How Jane Doe (your customer) got XXX (positive result)
  4. How Jane Doe (your customer) solved XXX (problem)
  5. Top 5 benefits of solving XXX (problem your customers have)
  6. How solving problem xxx improves your life
  7. How achieving xxx result improves your life
  8. Number #1 thing to avoid when hiring xxx (service provider)

Now, the method of delivering this content vs capturing the contact details differs per campaign, product, audience, etc. For example, I typically provide most content for free on the first landing page. So, if I am advertising a checklist then I provide that checklist without the client ever having to leave their contact details. BUT, if they want a print-friendly PDF version – then there is a handy form at the bottom of the page to request one.

Others do it much more simply, but my faith is always in producing more value into the world than that which I receive. I must earn that email address by providing helpful and insightful content or a coupon, whatever else it might be. And by going above and beyond, the customer almost feels “obliged” to leave their contact details behind. Provided, of course, that you are helping them.

This methodology can be used to create a two-step advertising system. Which would like this:

Advertisement one -> Landing page one (valuable content + soft ask for contact details) -> re-targeting advertisement one (people who viewed your page) -> landing page 2 (strong CTA, BASIC page and form).

By doing this longer process, we have not only provided them with content but also a reminder of our service (later) and given them the ability to opt-in again. By this stage, they will have become more familiar with your brand (several touch points!) and will feel more comfortable with you.

In this way, we have QUALIFIED our potential customer into a stronger lead and nurtured them just a bit closer to becoming a customer. Congrats!


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