Kaizen & PPC

Kaizen (改善?), is the Japanese word for “continuous improvement “.

It is the philosophy of being a little bit better consistently and constantly. If you were 1% richer every day, assuming you started with $1,000 you would hit the million dollar mark on day 696. In just under 2 years you’d be a millionaire by just adding 1% to your net worth per day.

I think that’s incredible. Of course, at higher levels, it may be more difficult to add 1% per day. 1% for Coca-Cola or Google is HUGE and may be very difficult to do. But for a small business? If not per day, at least per week this is definitely possible. (Try and aim higher though). The point here is that consistent and steady improvement, even as small as 1% a day can lead to very big differences very quickly. Is that something worth aiming for?

It’s difficult to place the source, but I read a while ago that if you could focus on one subject, one skill or one goal for five years, almost anything is possible. If you practised the piano every day for five years straight, do you really think you would not be in the top 5% of players worldwide? What if you decided to learn SEO or a programming language. Or improving your business? Growing the revenue? In five years of consistently dedicated work, you can accomplish amazing things. The hard part is sticking with it.

How does this apply to what we do? How does this matter in the world of PPC & CRO? I would hope it’s clear by now.

What can you do in your business to be 1% better every day?

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