How To Make $100 A Day With Affiliate Marketing

$100 A Day Idea #1

How To Make $100 A Day With Affiliate Marketing


How best to define affiliate marketing? An easier term might be “referral marketing.” The basic idea is that you generate traffic for other people’s products. And if your traffic buys their product, then you get a percentage of the sale.


I will have numerous affiliate offers on this blog and throughout this course, for example, I may suggest you purchase the (excellent) book: 108 Proven Split Test Winners. And if you were to purchase that book, I would a percentage of the sale. If you were to hover your mouse over the above link, you should see the URL and a string of numbers and letters. That is what identifies my personal affiliate link. If you clicked on someone else’s link then they would get the commission instead. Or, I could simply link you to the page itself without an affiliate link – like this.

Note – there are a lot of dodgy affiliate offers out there! I implore you to only promote offers that you yourself have used or would use. Thus, by promoting the above product from Russell Bronson, I am giving him my “Tick of Approval” and if you trust my opinion, then you can trust this product.

It’s a broad method, by which I mean many things could be considered affiliate marketing. People promote all sorts of things, dog training books, parenting books, amazon products, webinars, etc.

Many websites will have an affiliate program that you wouldn’t expect. For example, visit and hit ctrl + f and type “affiliate.” You will see even Walmart has an affiliate program! And there’s a good chance you could join and promote their products too if you want.


Bonus Offer (Free)

Pro’s & Con’s



Scalable No control over your affiliate provider
Can be done with free traffic or paid Low hurdle means saturation
Even beginners can start with no knowledge or skills You assume all risk (except post-sale)
Available to anyone, no big requirements A lot of dodgy offers out there
Can quickly diversify into other areas Competition is fierce and theft / spying is common
Once running, can be passive for years later
Can work with no pants on!


Quick Guide – How To Hit $100 Per Day

There are many methods by which you can reach success with this. But given the nature of this blog, let’s focus on how to reach the minimum goal of $100 Per Day! (on the cheap). If you were to use paid methods, you could potentially reach this goal and higher quite quickly. But, that is not who I am writing for.

  1. Join an affiliate network, or find an affiliate offer to promote
  2. Promote it in free areas, such as on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Groups, Forums, Blogs, etc.
  3. Keep doing that.


How I Would Do It

Let’s see how we might do this today.

  1. Sign up for Clickbank


  1. Visit the Marketplace and find an affiliate offer you may be knowledgeable about or willing to learn about.


  1. Sort results by Gravity*


  1. Let’s say I chose Education and used an offer (as of writing) called: Claus Levin – Get Better Faster, With Less Effort. A course of guitar lessons for the “Ambitious Guitarist”


  1. Then I would put the link through a link shortener, such as This is so that I can track the clicks and make the link a bit “nicer”


  1. I would then visit relevant YouTube videos and drop a comment about the course (with your affiliate link)


  1. My social media would promote the offer in amongst other value nuggets (useful information or entertaining posts). For example, 1 in every 10 posts may be an affiliate offer. Too often and people will lose interest because you are selling too hard. Check out Jab Jab Jab, Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuck for more on this.


  1. Find forums, Facebook groups, Quora, Reddit, etc. with sections for guitar fans and see if you can help answer questions, then at the end mention that you learned a lot from the course you are advertising and leave the link.
    1. Might look like this… “xxxxxx (answer to the question) I actually learned a tonne of stuff from this course here, it does cost ($xx) but it was totally worth it for me! Hope my answer helped you 😊”
    2. Be genuinely helpful, polite and friendly. If you help someone, they will be more likely to trust you! So always give before you take.
    3. And for god’s sake, have good spelling and grammar!


  1. You could also try more unusual methods of promotion like printing flyers with your affiliate ( shortened link) on them and giving them out in real life or leaving them where guitar students might find them (such as near music bars).


The important thing is that you get your affiliate link in front of people who need or want your affiliate offer. Finding the right traffic is the hard part. You can leave the selling to the owner!

Here’s 60+ ways to share and distribute your affiliate links!

*Gravity on click bank is defined as: “Gravity: Number of distinct affiliates who earned a commission by promoting the vendor’s products during the past 12 weeks. This is not an actual number of affiliates. For each affiliate, an amount between 0.1 and 1.0 is added to the result, depending on when his/her last transaction occurred. More recent transactions are given a higher value.”

Basically, it’s how well an affiliate offer is selling right now.


$100 A Day Math

Here’s how to break it down. It should be obvious that higher priced items

Offer Price

Commission %

Dollars Received

Sales Required To Reach $100 Per Day

 $997.00 50%  $498.50  0.20
 $299.00 50%  $149.50  0.67
 $97.00 50%  $48.50  2.06
 $39.00 50%  $19.50  5.13
 $9.99 50%  $5.00  20.02

Scalability – Can It Become A Million Dollar Business?

Absolutely. But to do so for free is extremely difficult. Using paid traffic is the best here, because once you find a winning combination you can usually scale it VERY quickly. The stories about making a hundred grand a day within a week of starting DO happen. But it is very hard, much of it could be luck. But you can reach it.

The easiest method would be to scale it up using a combination of (free) techniques and time. Or to just use paid methods. Affiliate marketing is perhaps the most scalable of all these methods because there is an endless supply of companies that need you to find qualified traffic for them.

If an offer is not working find another. If a method is not working, try another. And you just keep taking shots.


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