How To Make $100 A Day With Google AdWords Consulting

$100 A Day Idea #3 Google AdWords Consulting

How To Make $100 A Day With Google AdWords Consulting


Google AdWords is still the number #1 investment a business can use to grow its bottom line. No other tool in the world allows (almost) any business to find ready and hungry customers for a relatively reliable dollar cost. If a business knows that it can bring in a customer worth $10 for the price of $5, it will pump money into that day after day until it stops working.

Here’s the thing, Google AdWords is not DIFFICULT. It just looks super hard. But you, being a tech savvy young (or old) marketer will be able to pick it up in a brief time. Thus, for the inexperienced business owner, your time and talents are VALUABLE. Especially because you will bring them a return on their investment on you and the ad spend. Combine this with knowledge of conversion rate optimisation (CRO) and the ability to build a landing page (so easy now…) you will be well worth it.

And whilst Facebook and other PPC providers are also excellent avenues to invest in, AdWords still owns 71% of the search market, and that’s where customers are looking for something to buy.

Bonus Offer (Free)

Pro’s & Con’s



Once setup, minimal work is required You are dealing with clients ☹
Easy to get a great ROI for your clients It is expensive, so you are under pressure until you are getting a consistent ROI
Tonnes of free resources to learn it! How long is a piece of string? PPC & CRO knowledge are endless.
PPC & CRO knowledge are endless. So much to learn, I love it!
Can be parlayed into additional fees by running other ad platforms/services

Quick Guide

Quite honestly, you are playing with other people’s money, so it would be best to learn the basics first. To do so, run through this list of resources first. The reason I’ve given more CRO resources than AdWords is because AdWords can be very deep, but the basics are enough to get started. What is important is to CONVERT visitors, or else you are just wasting money. That’s the hard part.

Learn AdWords

Learn Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)


Now that you’ve learned the basics – time to get a client!

This is the hard part. You are a relative unknown, because you do not have experience nor a history of success yet. So, our first client we will offer our services for free. Basically, we are going to learn how to do this with another people’s money.

I would start by asking friends and family who own businesses or can refer you to an owner. Have an honest conversation for them and a presentation. Many people in the offline world STILL do not know how important Google AdWords can be for their business. And may still not even have a website, or at least not one from this decade. So, you need to show them the proof of what Google AdWords can do for them. Show them the math and the stats of the real return on investment available to them. Business owners need new customers to survive and Google AdWords (and you) can give them that.

Since this will (hopefully) be a referral, then you should be able to arrange a time for a meeting easily. Once there, it is time for the pitch and presentation.

However, if you cannot get a referral from a family or friend, then it’s time to do 3 (hard) things:

Cold Call.

Search for local terms, e.g. Physiotherapist NYC and find people advertising on Google AdWords already. Find the ones that don’t look professional or may not be already being managed by a consultant or agency and call up. Use a script similar to this:

“Hi, this is Dave, I was looking for a local Physio and noticed your ad on Google. I’m actually a consultant who specialises in that and noticed a few ways that your ad could be improved. Did you have a few minutes to talk about that?”

Don’t waste a business owners time. Jump straight into what you can do for them, give them some free tips and then offer yourself as a free consultant. They will either say yes over the phone or you will ask to meet in person.

Hit the Pavement.

Print your presentation out and walk into businesses that look like they are doing well, and ask for the manager at the front desk. Ask if they are already using Google AdWords and if it was something they were interested in improving (or starting).

You will likely be told no 90% of the time or just asked to leave your presentation behind. Be sure to follow up with those you leave your presentation behind with and say you will follow up with them in a week. Ask for a business card or best contact phone number. Sometimes you might even go straight for the pitch or ask for a better time to have a meeting.

Or Cold Email.

Like cold calling, run through their Google Ad and landing page, offer some suggestions and let them know how you can help. Ask when would be an appropriate time to call and go from there.

The Presentation

It does not have to be super fancy, but at the minimum here are the pages you should have:

  • Cover page – E.g. “The Importance of Google AdWords For Local Businesses” and your contact details
  • Quick summary of what AdWords is
  • Run through a list of facts and stats, check here for some great ones. These should blow minds!
  • Come up with a general idea or plan of what you can do for their specific business:
    • Generate a list of keyword ideas and their “cost per click”
    • Use a conservative estimate of the conversion rates and determine the ROI
    • Generate a quick example of the landing page you might use with details of their real business (get it close to what it will actually look like, you can adjust later)
  • And include some information about how much time you have spent learning and what concepts (try and wow them) to make up for your lack of experience with your knowledge.

They are taking a risk on you, but it is win-win if it works. Let them know that you will do the first 3 months free and ask how much they would be willing to invest in just running ads. If they cannot give an answer, give a ballpark estimate of $2,000 per month. If they cannot, work down to $1,000 per month at a minimum.

Being honest, neither are easy to work with on Google AdWords. You may end up wasting money at first, most will. But if you can make it work, the ROI is incredible and long-lasting. Many businesses have been running AdWords campaigns for years and years without changing much. They do it because it is STILL profitable.

Let the business owner know that you are happy to work for free for the first three months, as that is the minimum amount of time it takes to find the winning formula or combination to ensure a good ROI. But, after that 3 months, your fee will be $500 per month (you can raise later 😉).

This is a great starting rate as it is recurring (monthly!) and once your campaigns are profitable do not require too much work.

And of course, ask for referrals to other business owners who might need your services. Referrals from a happy and satisfied business owner are GOLD. You are pretty much 50% of the way to a new client 😉

How I Would Do It

Literally as above. This is the exact way I have done this before, I just did it with Facebook Ads. This works and is a service people need. You can bring business a real ROI on their money, that matters!

$100 A Day Math

Assuming you are able to get a good ROI for your first client (or clients) then you will be asking for $500 a month to continue the campaign. Thus, to reach $100 a day, you only need 6 ongoing clients at $500 each.

6 x $500 = $3,000 per month. Thus, $100 per day.

You could also begin charging a “setup fee.” This is very common and usually ranges around $500 to $1,000 when first starting, as there is a fair amount of work to start up a new campaign.

The wonderful thing about this is you can quickly start charging more and working with bigger budgets. And it is recurring revenue. Thus, each new client you add will add to your bottom line. And it is all very low cost to you!

The all-important part is that you can get a good ROI for your first clients. If you can’t, then let them know you tried your best and appreciate them taking the chance on you. Create a report of what you could have done differently or better, and how you could improve. They may well let you try for another month or two, but don’t push it too much. Just do better next time and try again with another client!

Scalability – Can It Become A Million Dollar Business?

Yes… but not easily. You need to start charging a lot more to become a million dollar business. To hit that point, you either need to be a superstar consultant (top 1% in the WORLD). Or other a lot of other services and outsource as much as you can. Alternatively, go all in and start an agency and start hiring employees. So long as you can bring in new clients and keep old ones, you can make it.

The math to hit $1,000,000 a year?

You would need to be bringing in $83,333 per month. At $500 per month, that means 166 clients. At the agency level, that is not impossible. But more likely, you’ll be moving into charging $2,000 a month or more for higher ad spends. You would only need 41.6 clients at $2,000 per month to hit the $1mil mark. Most agencies make this up by adding extra services, such as Facebook Ads, Graphic Design, Web Design, Building eCommerce Stores, etc.

But more likely, you’ll be moving into charging $2,000 a month or more for higher ad spends. You would only need 41.6 clients at $2,000 per month to hit the $1mil mark. Most agencies make this up by adding extra services, such as Facebook Ads, Graphic Design, Web Design, Building eCommerce Stores, etc.

Most agencies make this up by adding extra services, such as Facebook Ads, Graphic Design, Web Design, Building eCommerce Stores, etc.

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Further Resources

Where to begin…

Ideally, subscribe to all the top PPC & CRO blogs or news sites. Keep up to date on the industry because it keeps changing! Being 100% in the space, all day every day will give you a sixth sense.

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