How To Make $100 A Day With Launch Jacking

$100 A Day Idea 8 Launch Jacking

How To Make $100 A Day With Launch Jacking


Ready for another great idea? This one has been around for a long time but is STILL under-utilised. Don’t believe me? You’ll see. The premise here is that new products are launched online ALL THE TIME. Daily. Weekly. Monthly. There is always some big launch happening. And the beauty is that you can take a piece of the action and it is win-win-win. Win for you, for the product creator and for the customer. This essentially short-term affiliate marketing in low-competition spaces, which just screams easy win to me.

When a new launch is coming up, you’re going to write an honest, but positive, review and then use your SEO knowledge and skills to rank top in Google (or elsewhere) so that people will read your review and then use your affiliate link to purchase the product.

Bonus Offer (Free)

Pro’s & Con’s



Easy intro to affiliate marketing There aren’t ALWAYS good product launches, you have to stay up-to-date
Can do it for free (aside from website) Still easier to do SEO by paying for some things
Low competition Short-term rewards
Can build into a serious authority site You still need to find the good products
Can build a fantastic email list You need to prepare and organise ahead of time, be aware of schedules and rankings
Can do it with no pants on!

Quick Guide

The goal here is to take this to a long-term authority website and email list. The email list is what can potentially take this to a million-dollar business. Many who have done Launch Jacking in the past will have 1 website per review, which has been shown to rank better in Google, in the short-term. However, we are not here for one shot paydays, we are here to build a bona fide business.

What you’re going to do is a build a brand, something relevant to the types of products you are going to review. The most common, of course, is marketing related products, make money online, etc. However, there are some very good products in other niches that launch regularly, health, skincare, supplements, etc. So, don’t feel constrained to do what everyone else is doing. Rather, do something you can write a LOT about for a long time. That does not mean follow your passion, it means to follow what you are good at.

Now, why launch jacking and not the more typical affiliate review website? The reason is that due to the short-time frame of most launches (usually less than 2 weeks), there is low competition. There are a million competitors trying to rank for “vacuum review” or “best vacuum review” because those products are not going anywhere. Once they are ranked, they will get that sweet Amazon affiliate juice until it de-ranks.

So, we are left with keywords that you can rank for in less than a month and easily hit the top 3 spots (at minimum) with low effort and investment (dollar and time). Launch jacking ticks the boxes. Better yet, due to the SIZE of some of these launches, you can very quickly make a LOT of money from a new launch. There are frequent reports of earning $10,000 or more in a day from one launch. You can see why having a review website for frequent launches can get you some very high numbers.

Further, there are other methods to make money with Launch Jacking, but SEO is the cheapest route, typically. You could also do PPC and run traffic to your review. You could create a great YouTube review video. People do search YouTube for reviews! And, if you have an email list, then this gets a lot easier… Or a big social media following.

Interesting idea, what if you combined your review with influencer marketing? Influencers typically have a very HIGH ROI for eCommerce stores. People trust their idols and put faith in their recommendations. Win-win? Will have to test and see.

How I Would Do It

  1. Decide on your niche, branding, logo, etc.
  2. Purchase a branded domain and hosting,
  3. Sign up for all the relevant services that notify you about new launches (e.g.
  4. Make sure you get approved by the product creator (usually through JVZoo)
  5. Try and focus on big launches that are running big cash prize competitions, Russell Bronson recently did a huge promotion and was giving away INSANE prizes
    1. A lot of the bonus money you make will come from these prizes!
  6. To save time, grab the checklist and run through the on-page SEO process from Brian Dean of Backlinko. Brian has done a better job of laying this out than I ever could, follow it and you will be ahead of 99% of competitors on the internet!
    1. Just in case, here’s another great checklist with some off-page SEO points
  7. Write the article, we want to write it like a combination SALE and REVIEW page
  8. Here is an example of a great one: (it is behind a content locker, don’t do that, but give Jeff a Like or Tweet)
    1. The idea is that you are making it as easy as possible to funnel people into the affiliate link, that is the GOAL. Getting people to unlock the content will result in a lot of people just clicking the big X on your page.
  9. Your article should give them, very specifically, the PROBLEM or PAIN that the product solves. Why would you buy it? What would you use it for? Why is it the best thing since sliced bread? Be honest, use information from the sales page, use pics from the sales page, use tonnes of PROOF.
  10. Offer BONUSES. LOTS OF GOOD ONES. You want to be giving away a TONNE of value that makes buying the product an absolute no-brainer for the reader. If they weren’t already interested in the product, they might be on the edge of buying, your bonuses will TIP them over.
    1. Often, you will be able to work with JVZoo or the affiliate host to add your bonuses as “exclusive” offers only to people who use your affiliate link.
  11. And hopefully… they will click your link 😊
  12. If you have an email list, let them know about the excellent product coming out soon! If it is not spammy.

Something I am still working on is where to add an email signup page. You can, of course, include one in the body. I try to stay away from popups (I do keep exit intent pop-ups though!) But would that take them away from buying through the affiliate link? Hm, tough one.

My best option currently is to offer a bonus in the text of the article, but make sure it DOES NOT re-direct them away from the page. It should barely even be noticeable.

OR, you could filter them through a landing page with a signup form, and ensure THAT is how they get some bonuses. Not all the bonuses.

$100 A Day Math

Yes, but, this is a tough one. It will never be 100% reliable, you will never be able to guarantee that there will be good launches. You will never be able to guarantee you hit rank 1 in Google. However, because this is such a high-income potential method, you only need a few big wins per year!

So, for example, you might only need to get 4 $10,000 paydays per year ($109 per day)

Or, you could get 1 $3,000 payday per month

Or some combination of this.

Therefore, I recommend you build this into an authority website. Your goal to make this a long-term, sustainable business is to BUILD that email list! How do the top affiliates make money with product launches? Because they have BIG EMAIL LISTS.

All they need to do to hit that $10k payday is to write a great email to their email list!

Scalability – Can It Become A Million Dollar Business?

Potentially, but very difficult. When used in combination with email list building, it becomes possible. Without that, very hard to guarantee anything. However, six figures are within reach of anyone who puts in the time and works to do it right.

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