How To Make $100 A Day With Offline Email Marketing Consultant

$100 A Day Idea 9 Offline Email Marketing Consultant

How To Make $100 A Day With Offline Email Marketing Consulting


What is still the highest ROI method of marketing available today, over 20 years after it was first invented? Email marketing, with an ROI of 3800% according to DMA. In dollar terms? For every $1 spent on email marketing, $38 is generated in return on investment. Okay, by now you should see that we are big fans of email marketing here. Pretty much any method you are going to use to make money should have an email list building component. Because that is the long-term goal if you ever want to hit the big leagues. But, beyond the online world, what about real world businesses?

Welcome to an untapped market. Offline businesses are slowly catching on to the value of email marketing and rewards or loyalty programs. These have all been shown to have incredible ROI for minimal effort or cost for just about any offline business. The bigger companies are slowly picking up on it, at least in retail. Head to your local shopping mall and at least half the clothing shops should have a program in place to get you on their list (usually with a coupon). I’d still argue they are under-utilising the idea, but it is progress. Here’s the real opportunity for you,

Small businesses. I’m talking about your local butcher, grocer or landscaper. The guy that mows the lawns, walks the dogs or runs a boot camp. Their hardest job (generally speaking) is to get new customers. What is their second hardest job? Getting repeat customers. Third would be getting referrals. And guess what? You can solve number 2 and 3 by setting up email marketing for them. And there are very few businesses set up to service this need!

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Pro’s & Con’s



Big untapped market available Bigger companies are slowly catching on
HUGE ROI potential It requires minimal effort (some businesses won’t even do that)
Massive diversity of businesses need this Not ALL businesses need it
Ongoing consulting fees You need to sell it to business owners
High setup fees available to you
There’s a lot of information available to back up any report or presentation

Quick Guide

I’ll run into this in depth in How I Would Do It below, but here’s a quick rundown of what you need to do to hit $100 a day with offline email marketing consulting. First, come up with a better name! Because that is so long. Okay but seriously.

You’re going to need to sell your services, then set up a landing page and auto responder sequence. Ideally, you will have an incentive to sign up. Try and get the business owner to give out a coupon or voucher of some kind. Almost every business owner has had a promotion of some kind and will have something available. For a list of ideas for promo items, check out the article I wrote. Then you need to give the business owner a method to get face to face customers to sign up. This can be done by phone, using tablet apps, there are even SMS services that can do it, or to simply use a flyer with directions to sign up.

Once you have the process for capturing emails setup, it’s time to work on the email marketing side of things. This is where we generate the ROI for our business customers. There are many ways you can attack this. Essentially, we want to engage with the customers, periodically. Now that they are on the list, we need to actually contact them. If not, then what is the point?

Typically, you’ll have an autoresponder sequence for the first week or two. Something along the lines of:

 Deliver the original coupon offered -> Value email -> Value email -> Value email (pitch at the bottom) -> Value email -> Hard pitch.

Split that up over a few days and you have a high chance of getting your customer a return client (or new client.

You would consider this first sequence as part of the setup fee. The goal, however, is to create an ongoing revenue stream. That means, monthly recurring income – a subscription. We want the business client to be paying you month after month for as long as possible. How do we do this? By continuing to write new emails for their audience! This can come in many forms, but the most common type would be a newsletter.

And a newsletter is something that can be applied to almost any type of business on Earth. Plumbers could write an article, a blurb, a review, and a tip or two, add a promotion at the bottom and you have a great newsletter. You could even print these if you want. Have some imagination, and you could be maintaining $500 a month easily for 1 newsletter per business per month and of course, the ongoing optimisation and maintenance of the original autoresponder sequence and landing page.

How I Would Do It

  1. Create a sales brochure or presentation of some kind
    1. You want to throw in stats, analytics, research. Get lots of big figures and WOW moments. You want this to be a Eureka kind of presentation, where the conclusion is so obvious they HAVE to buy
    2. Talk about the opportunity available, about the lack of competition (blue ocean) and how high the ROI is on email marketing.
    3. Use a case study if you can!
  2. Sell to local business owners in your local area
    1. Being able to meet face to face helps give business owners peace of mind and is a very helpful selling method. Especially when considering they won’t be familiar with what you are trying to sell
  3. If you need to, offer to waive the setup fee (you can charge what is fair, I’d suggest ~$1,000) for the first few clients, in return for a referral and testimony.
    1. Once you have a successful client, this is your CASE STUDY. Armed with this, all further sales become much easier.
  4. Once you have a client here’s what you need to set up
    1. You need a landing page to collect emails
    2. An autoresponder and email marketing service
    3. And an offer, whatever you can work out with your client (i.e. a coupon or voucher)
  5. Then, you will give the business owner methods to get people to visit the landing page or to leave their email behind physically.
    1. There are several excellent iPad or mobile phone apps for collecting emails, connect this with your autoresponder sequence and you are GOLD
    2. Alternatively, have flyers for the business owner to hand to customers
  6. Write the autoresponder sequence for new subscribers, this has been briefly explained above. There are lots of different formats this can take, Russell Bronson goes over this idea quite well in his DotComSecrets book.
  7. That is essentially the end of the setup phase. Where you go now is what you and your client decide.
  8. Ideally, you want to be earning a monthly income, so, as outlined above, you will aim to create an email newsletter for your client, month after month. $500 a month or more is very reasonable for this kind of service. And you can increase prices later.
  9. Alternatively, your client may be a cheapskate and decide to just do it themselves. They almost never do it consistently or for long. But that is out of your hand.

$100 A Day Math

If we assume a $1,000 setup fee, then you need three clients a month ($3,000 a month or $100 a day).

If we assume a $1,000 setup fee and $500 per month ongoing recurring subscription, then you only need 6 clients total to reach $3,000 per month (+ initial setup fees) ($100 a day).

Scalability – Can It Become a Million Dollar Business?

Yes. If you can scale your prices, sell to bigger clients and build your ongoing revenue then this can hit that. Difficult to do, and you will likely need to hire people, but your margins will still be quite high (if you can use freelancers and skip the fancy office).

Alternatively? Upsells and cross sells. This kind of service can easily be transitioned into other services, perfect additions would be Facebook Marketing, Google AdWords, Re-Marketing or Web Design. This all depends on what kind of business they have, what kind of budget they have available and if you can get them a win. If you are earning a great ROI for them on one service, adding a new service is an easy sell.

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