How To Make $100 A Day By Picking Up Poop!

$100 A Day Idea 5 Pooper Scooping

How To Make $100 A Day With Pooper Scooping



Here’s an interesting one for you! It’s an idea I have floated with my wife, to get her started with a little business of her own. This is perfect for people who are good with animals and comfortable picking up poopies. Don’t laugh, there’s serious money in those dirty nuggets with the right business model. How are we going to capture the $$Green$$ in the Brown? With a subscription business!

Better yet? This business can be expanded into many different upsells and cross sells!

Bonus Offer (Free)

Pro’s & Con’s



Not many people want to do it (low competition) Because it is crappy (haha!)
Can easily add upsells and cross sells which makes $100 a day much easier You still need to sell to people
It’s an easy sell for the right neighbourhood You’ll still have to hear no a few times
Geographic synergies are great (if you can work multiple houses in the same location) Might not always get clients that are close together, so you might need a car
There are lots of different ways you can market

Quick Guide

This is about as simple or complicated as you want. You could agree to just work with a neighbour or two, or you can expand to an entire city (or further?) Let’s focus on how to hit $100 a day first, after that, the sky is the limit!

First, let’s detail what this is exactly.

People have pets, dogs are best but this can work for cats and birds and other pets too. We will focus on dogs. These pets eat just about every day, and due to the natural bodily functions that exist, will pass waste almost every day (or multiple times a day). That needs to be picked up! You can’t just leave it there, that isn’t healthy. But not everyone has the time or the willpower to pick it up. And for the right people who value their time slightly more than their money, they are willing to pay someone to take over a job for them. In this case, picking up poop.

How does this become a business? You could do this one a one-time basis, sure. Lots of people let it build up so you could charge $20 or $30 to clean up a yard full of poo. If it has built up over time, it could be well worth it to them. But that’s only a one-off sale. We want recurring income. We want to build a subscription business.

How I Would Do It

Here’s how I would do it:

  1. Choose a humorous but obvious business name. Logo is optional.
  2. People may have different needs, so we will have several subscription tiers:
    1. Once a month visit for $30, recurring
    2. Once a fortnight visit for $25, recurring
    3. Once a week visit for $15, recurring
  3. Fiddle around with the pricing, you may be able to get those prices in a more affluent neighbourhood but you might get more customers in a poorer neighbourhood. IN which case it is worth dropping the prices!
  4. Of course, start by asking friends and family if you can work for them or for referrals 😊
  5. Online advertising:
    1. You CAN build a website, you can even go so far as having a booking form, schedule, payment gateway, upsells and cross sells etc. You should, but it is not necessary.
    2. Post your new business in ALL your local Facebook groups
    3. Post it on Craigslist, Gumtree, etc.
    4. Any other small service or job websites that are popular in your area
  6. Time to advertise offline:
    1. Print out a tonne of flyers and letter drop neighbourhoods! Be sure to have your rates, a paragraph about what you do and WHY it is so good (how do you help people save time! Maybe also talk about the dangers of leaving poo behind!) and your contact details
    2. Post flyers on the community news boards, use the type where people can rip off a spare tag with your phone number on it
    3. A week after your letter drop, go ahead and go door to door, mention the flyer and ask if it was something they would be interested in.
    4. If no, ask if there was any specific reason why? Or if there is anything you could add that would make it worthwhile to you
  7. All this time, be sure you have a calendar handy always when someone calls you will need to book in what time and day you are going to come around to scoop poop. So, try and line things up with other customers in the same area.
    1. You could well end up with $100 a day worth of customers within walking distance of each other. That’d be great!
  8. You’ll soon have some customers, so it is time to work on up sells and cross sells. Here are some ideas for additional services/products:
    1. Dog walking – easy! $20 per hour (for example)
    2. Dog grooming / Dog washing! Price depends on your location and level of service
    3. Selling doggy treats, there are amazing recipes out there now! You can make lovely dog biscuits, muffins, even pizzas! I saw a recipe mix for dog pizza the other day!
    4. And of course, you can also do pooper scooping for other types of pets, such as cats
    5. Dog sitting/dog visits are also a good option, for when owners need to go away
  9. Reaching $100 per day will be much easier if you can get some of these additional services running, at the very least you should be doing dog walking too!

$100 A Day Math

We will run through two sets of math – pooper scooping only, and scooping + added services.

$100 a Day Math With Just Pooper Scooping

  • Once a month visit for $30, recurring
  • Once a fortnight visit for $25, recurring
  • Once a week visit for $15, recurring

Using the above math, it looks like this.

Frequency Price Value Per Day Clients required to
Earn $100 Per Day
Monthly $30 $1  100 Clients Per Month
Fortnightly $25 $1.79  56 Clients Per Fortnight
Weekly $15 $2.14  47 Clients Per Week

It seems counter intuitive! But the lower weekly price is worth MORE PER DAY than the twice as high monthly price!

Sale of 1 extra $15 service per week

Frequency Price Value Per Day 1 Sales Of $15 Added Service Per Week New Value Per Day Clients required to
Earn $100 Per Day
Monthly $30 $1 $60.00 $2.00  50 Clients Per Month
Fortnightly $25 $1.79 $30.00 $2.14  47 Clients Per Fortnight
Weekly $15 $2.14 $15.00 $2.14  47 Clients Per Week

Sale of 5 extra $15 services per week

Frequency Price Value Per Day 5 Sales Of $15 Added Service Per Week New Value Per Day Clients required to
Earn $100 Per Day
Monthly $30 $1 $300.00 $10.00  10 Clients Per Month
Fortnightly $25 $1.79 $150.00 $10.71  9 Clients Per Fortnight
Weekly $15 $2.14 $75.00 $10.71  9 Clients Per Week

Scalability – Can It Become A Million Dollar Business?

I would say yes. But you would need to take the level of marketing and business know how to next level. In order to hit 6 figures, you will need 300 clients per month, 168 per fortnight or 141 per week. This is doable, working full time and expanding city wide. And of course, with additional services, it becomes much easier.

But, to reach 7 figures you will need to hire people. You can’t hit that on your own due to the limits of your time. Or how sick you might get of picking up poop!

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