How To Make $100 A Day With SEO Writing!

$100 A Day Idea 7 SEO Writing

How To Make $100 A Day With SEO Writing


This is an idea you’ve probably seen floated a few times around the internet. Why not make money by writing for other people? Why would someone pay you for your words? Your main customer will likely be people doing SEO or SEO agencies. Why do they need your work? Because Google is getting smarter.

Google picks up words and sentences to get an understanding of what your website or page is about. Without this, it’s just guessing or using other less obvious cues. Further, more content is generally better in Googles eyes. A blog that sits untouched for years is unlikely to rank in Google. A blog that is updated regularly (e.g. weekly) is more likely to be ranked. Why? Because it is alive! Google does not want to serve up dead websites to its searchers.

I’ll be honest, this can be a gruelling, mind numbing kind of work. Doing it day after day will wear out your soul. But know that the ability to make money pretty much at any time using just your words is powerful. If you ever end up in dire circumstances, then this is your life line!

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Pro’s & Con’s



Minimal skills required Must have a decent grasp of English
Can work from anywhere at any time There isn’t ALWAYS work available
The sky is the limit, you may start off at $0.01 per word, but you can increase that The value of your time worked is low, you will need to put in a lot of time
There is a LOT of work out there But it is not always so easy to find
It is usually an easy sell since people are looking for what you are selling (job web sites) There are a lot of scams out there…

Quick Guide

There are several ways you can earn a living with your writing.

There is of course Copywriting. Consider this a professional skill and a lifelong obsession. If you ever get started learning Copywriting, you’ll see what I mean. It is like a rabbit hole. A craft that can be continuously improved. Copywriters can earn anywhere between $1 an hour and thousands of dollars per hour. What determines it? The value you bring in. If you write a million-dollar sales page in 1 hour, then you are worth a million dollars an hour (not easy, but possible).

You can try and get published with eBooks, or especially erotica. There are a substantial number of people who have risen to prominence on the back of the eBook and Kindle trend. But it is not easy.

You could sell articles and posts to websites and magazines. There are a great many websites and magazines around that will spend good money per article. Cracked for example will frequently pay $100 or so for a simple list article. Mommy blogs, cooking magazines, tech review websites, etc.

Plus there are plenty of nice ways to make money with writing. Specialising in a niche or a specific skill, such as product descriptions or about me pages. The more deeply focused your specialisation is, the more you can earn per hour.

Today, we’ll focus on SEO writing. Also known as content factory, content mills, or other. This is mass production of legible articles to fill websites for the purposes of SEO. The reason we will use this method is that it is reliable, steady and always available. In all likelihood, if you are serious you will develop the other methods above, but at a bare minimum, you’ll use this first (but hopefully not forever).

How I Would Do It


To start off, we need to get registered for all the freelancing websites. This will be your first port of call when it’s time to earn some moolah. You’re basically going to be taking shots at every job posting that you are remotely qualified for. Why? Because you never know where it may lead. The beauty of a freelancing website (aside from the massive cut of your pay they take…) is that it introduces you to clients. This is far and away the hardest part of making a living with freelancing.

Once you have met some clients and done good work for them, it may well lead to a lot more work afterwards. So, treat each job with 100% attention and always go above and beyond. Always add a little extra, always be professional and do better than expected. It’s not hard, most of the people you are competing with barely speak English or have terrible attitudes.

Unfortunately, this kind of work, unless you connect with an amazing employer, is likely to be spotty. You will get jobs here and there, but you cannot rely on it day after day, month after month. Which is why we will supplement it with Content Mills.

There is a list of freelance websites to apply to in the resources section below.

Content Mills

Next up is to get setup with the content mill websites. These are low pay, high volume websites. You will be able to get plenty of work here, but you won’t want to. Nevertheless, you are going to.

A list of content mill websites is available in the resources section below.

SEO Agencies

Look, we know who we are writing for. We know who needs what we are writing, so let’s just go straight to the source. This once landed me a job working on SEO articles for $0.04 per word, or $40 per thousand words. Not bad. Unfortunately, there isn’t always a tonne of work available. So we want to work with multiple agencies. Here’s what to do:

  1. Simply start by googling SEO Agency
  2. Hit up either contact emails or the “Contact Us” form that most websites will have.
  3. Have a templated response you can copy paste, over and over.
  4. Something along the lines of:

“Hi, my name is Dave! I’m familiar with the needs SEO Agencies have for well-written, SEO optimised content. You have probably worked with other writers in the past, and know by now how much low-quality writing is out there. I can assure you, that I only write high quality, well-researched and deeply engaging content that Google loves! Here are some articles I have had published (link, link, link).

If you are ever in need of top quality SEO content, I would love to work with you. My details are (phone number if local) (email address) (portfolio website if you have one).”

  1. They will either get back to you or they won’t. This is a numbers game. You want to hit up dozens or even hundreds of SEO agencies.
  2. The agency will likely have template invoices you can use, as well as job queue processes. One SEO agency I worked for used Basecamp to allocate jobs to writers.
  3. In honesty, you will probably land around $0.02 to $0.05 per word. If necessary, offer to work for lower for the first few articles and raise it after if they agree it is good quality!

If you know of other kinds of businesses that need a lot of content, leave a comment below! SEO agencies are the obvious one that comes to mind, but there must be more.

Each of these methods may well not be enough to get you to $100 a day. The fact is that writing (en masse) is easy to get into. There is a low hurdle to entry, so anyone can get into it. Thus, the market is flooded. It is a commoditized skill until you get to the big leagues, then the sky is the limit. You will likely need to combine methods in order to hit $100 day.

$100 A Day Math

We will break this down using the price per word:

$0.01 per word = 10,00 words (10 x 1,000 word articles or 20 x 500 word articles)

$0.02 per word = 5,000 words (5 x 1,000 word articles or 10 x 500 word articles)

$0.03 per word = 3,333 words (3.33 x 1,000 word articles or 6.66 x 500 word articles)

$0.04 per word = 2,500 words (2.5 x 1,000 word articles or 5 x 500 word articles)

$0.05 per word = 2,000 words (2 x 1,000 word articles or 4 x 500 word articles)

This, of course, excludes the other methods. For example, you could sell one blog article for $100 (or more) per day. It is possible, but not always easy. Expect an article on this in the near future.

Scalability – Can It Become A Million Dollar Business?


You simply cannot trade enough of your time (or soul) at this price point. When you get into the top 1-5% of copywriters in the world, it is possible. Your goal here is to quit your crappy job, to survive, or to earn extra money to put into your main business.

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Further Resources

Content Mills

Going to just link to a great couple of lists here:


Freelancing Platforms

  6. Gumtree / Craigslist (at least post an ad offering your services)

Other Resources:


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