How To Make $100 A Day With YouTube

$100 A Day Idea #2 YouTube

How To Make $100 A Day With YouTube



YouTube is no joke. 1.3 billion people are on YouTube, more than Facebook. 300 hours of video are uploaded EVERY MINUTE. 5 billion videos are watched every day. And 30 million visitors are received each day. These are INSANE stats that prove that the audience is there. If you have ANY talent whatsoever for video or audio, then you should be on YouTube. And yes, YouTubers can make serious bank.

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Pro’s & Con’s



Video views can be easy to get since it does not take much commitment from someone But… you need a LOT of them to earn $$$
YouTube Videos can rank in Google! Video SEO is very much alive and well But… you need to have people follow your links from YouTube to capture the full value
It can be fun to make and very rewarding Monetizing your videos (running ads) can tick some viewers off (leachers)

It’s easy residual income once the content is uploaded and promoted

Quick Guide

Alright, so you need to quickly determine whether YouTube will be a traffic generator for your other businesses, or the direct monetizer (ads). The latter can help your core business and but it is a hard slog. Thus, I would recommend using YouTube as your “traffic generator” and direct traffic to your landing pages. Think about it, to make (JUST) $100 a day, you need 50,000 views per day. I would wager 99% of videos on YouTube never see that many in their entire life. There’s simply too much content (competition)

How I Would Do It

  1. Create a channel for your core business brand (i.e. 101waysto$100perday)
  1. Create videos that will either a) help people or b) entertain people
  1. Given the type of work we are doing (promoting affiliate offers) we will go for a) help people
  1. There are many types of video content we could do to achieve this such as:
    1. Tutorials are always helpful (huge fan of Franklin Hatchett)
    2. Top 10 lists are surprisingly addictive (my personal guilty pleasure)
    3. Reviews (even if pulled from your website!) a lot of people would rather listen/watch than read an article – this concept applies to all types (I do this from time to time)
    4. Videos made with the aim of ranking in Google (i.e. “how to make $100 a day with YouTube” ()
    5. Vlogging style videos (see Gary Vee!)
  1. Don’t forget to ask for the subscribe / like / share / link click after!
  1. Now, we have some content so it is time to do some Video SEO
  1. I’ll simply defer to one of the kings of SEO – Brian Dean from Backlinko, but to summarise:
    1. Find “video keywords” – find YouTube results on the first page of Google, start with Google Keyword Planner and find terms with searches above 300
    2. Be at least 5 minutes long, longer videos perform better in SEO
    3. Use your keyword in the video file name
    4. And in the video title
    5. Have a highly accurate description
    6. Put your link in the top of the video
    7. Include keyword in the first 25 words
    8. Description must be at least 250 words
    9. And mention your keyword 3 or 4 times
    10. Put the relevant tags in (not super important, just use what you can think of
  1. Now the hard part… getting video views
    1. You need to promote your video far and wide, Quora, Yahoo Answers, forums, Facebook groups. Anywhere that it is relevant and useful. Some places will even allow you to embed the video (making it easier to watch 😉)
    2. If it’s a cornerstone video, put it in your email signature
    3. I would 100% embed it in your relevant blog posts!
  1. Wait and keep promoting.

I would highly highly recommend you go ahead and get the Free PDF Checklist at Backlinko!


$100 A Day Math

YouTube pays content partners, on average, $2 per 1,000 views. Thus you would need to get 50,000 views per day to reach $100 per day. There are also sponsorships that can pay more per 1,000 views.

  • Average CTR of 4% on YouTube Videos, we will use 2% to be safe.
  • So, to get 100 clicks you need 5,000 views
  • If you are selling a $25 product and have an average conversion rate of 2%, you will earn $50 per 100 clicks.
  • Thus, you need 10,000 views per day to hit $100 per day.

Let’s not forget, you should also be adding subscribers, so this $100 a day will actually snowball into something bigger! And every % increase is going to be a big boost!

Scalability – Can It Become A Million Dollar Business?

Yes. But it’s an uphill battle. Of all the tactics, this might be the one that requires the most dedication and willpower. Slogging it out month after month, year after year, is the main key to hit the big time. There are of course people who explode over night, but they generally fade off too. They got lucky. The real big timers are the ones you come back to again and again, years later.

Want to know the cool thing about YouTube? It’s 100% passive after you’ve uploaded and promoted your content. That means a video you uploaded a year ago can potentially be getting viewers even today and earning you an income. That’s the definition of residual income!

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