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Aidan Booth Blackbird
Blackbird Review

The Ultimate Software Suite For Your Amazon FBA business!

A new launch is upon us and this one is super exciting. Hello and welcome to this review of the Blackbird software for Amazon sellers. I’m Dave, owner and entrepreneur at 101 Ways to $100 Per Day. Today we’re here to review Blackbird.

If you’ve ever considered launching your online journey to financial freedom through the badass beast in the room – Amazon FBA – then you will be familiar with a variety of issues that this new Blackbird software solves. A quick note on the makers – Aidan Booth, Steven Clayton and Matt Carter. Each of the co-creators of the software has a deep experience with Amazon FBA and have specifically created the Blackbird software in order to solve a variety of problems they frequently encounter. It’s sort of like the ultimate pair of sneakers an athlete would make for themselves. Only someone who has walked a million miles in these shoes would know what needs to be solved or what can be advanced.

Aidan Booth

Aidan is a well-known internet marketer and I’m a huge fan of his. Originally a New Zealander (sworn enemy of Australians). He has a broad knowledge of internet marketing and e-commerce and has experience in many different areas. I’d trust his opinion and views any day of the week. The above image proves that he has the experience behind him in Amazon FBA to back up his expertise. And that screenshot is from way back in December 2016.

Steve Clayton

Steve, along with Aidan is the co-creator of the masterful 100k Factory and a master Amazon marketer. Doubling Aidans earnings above (more than!) even back in December 2016. Steve has a more focused expertise and is a serious marketer to keep an eye on for you brothers and sisters out there moving into Amazon.

Matt Carter

And if the last two fellows didn’t drop your jaw, then take a look at this. Just under $3.2m in sales (AT JANUARY!!!). Matt actually put out one of the earliest webinars I know of back in 2012 about making $100k a month on Amazon. And I would still recommend it! Matt brings some amazing experience and focused knowledge to the game and a level of professionalism that really catapults Blackbird to a new level.

Why Do You Need To Know Them?

Why? The simple answer is you want to know who is behind the software you are purchasing. You want to know that the people in charge, the creators and designers are real experts and not just full of fluff. Each of these three members brings some amazing skills and experience that should give a level of legitimacy and serious professionalism to this project that should put your mind at ease. These guys really know what they are talking about and now have made the dream software they themselves needed and made it available to all of us! So, just what is Blackbird?


What is Blackbird?

August 2017 Blackbird Amazon Review
August 2017 Blackbird Amazon Review

Simply put, it’s the ultimate Amazon Tool For Amazon Sellers.

  1. Email your customers to request reviews (hopefully 5 stars!)
  2. Alerts you whenever negative reviews are left on your listings
  3. Tracks your products, sales, reviews, rankings and pricing all in one quick and easy dashboard
  4. Allows you to SPY on your competitors like no other software has been able to do so
  5. Searches Amazon marketplace for the best opportunities (often the hardest part!)
  6. And last (but importantly) it analyses your on-page performance for your product titles, bullet points, images and more. So you can be sure you are making the right kind of conversion optimisations to your listings.

Here’s A Sneak Peak!

Communication Is CRITICAL!

Something sorely missing from Amazon is the level of communication you have with your customers. On Shopify, WooCommerce or Magento, it’s easy to integrate automated email sequences to do a variety of things.

But that’s been missing from Amazon. The reason for that is obvious, Amazon is trying to keep your customers as their customers. And that means you are missing out on a SERIOUS opportunity to build your brand and gain repeat customers.

Blackbird Solves Part Of This…

Blackbird Messaging
Blackbird Messaging

I won’t say it solves it all, but it allows you to:

  1. Send emails to confirm when orders are placed.
  2. Notify customers when an item is shipped (build anticipation)
  3. And confirm when a product is delivered

This allows you to add several additional touch points in the customer cycle that help to build trust, keep customers informed and build your brand identity in their minds.

It’s not perfect but it’s a big help for Amazon sellers. You will never be able to gain 100% communication access to your (Amazons) customers, but it’s pretty good! Ultimately, you should know that your goal is to eventually get customers to buy directly from you rather than just on Amazon.

Do You Know What IS Critical For Online Success?

Information. Intelligence. Analytics.

If you don’t know your numbers, your statistics and analytics, then you are flying blind. And potentially leaving money on the table. A lot of it.

Blackbird solves this with an excellent looking and easy to digest dashboard of information for your Amazon products. By delivering constant performance and intelligence, you are able to see how your entire Amazon account is going in less than a second.

What does it show?

  1. Sales results
  2. Where your competition is weak (grab the opportunities!)
  3. Price points and revenue impact
  4. How to rank for your keywords (CRUCIAL)
  5. And BSR performance over time

What Else Is A Necessity For Amazon Success? Discovering Opportunities!

Blackbird Amazon Competitor Analysis
Blackbird Amazon Competitor Analysis

Blackbird is an absolute gold mine for finding open opportunities, no matter what niche or field you are in on Amazon. It helps answer the crucial kind of questions you need to ask:

  1. What products are selling RIGHT NOW?
  2. How FAST are they being sold?
  3. What is the potential REVENUE?
  4. How STRONG is the competition?
  5. Should you move forward with your new IDEA?

Ask the legendary Blackbird Opportunity Finder and you will find your answers.

If Blackbird Does Not Have Your Attention Yet, It Also…

  1. Watches your competitors LIKE A HAWK
  2. Provides a World-Class level Training Academy
  3. Gives you direct access to Amazon Coaches
  4. And comes with the BLACKBIRD GUARANTEE – All purchases of Blackbird come with a full 30 day, 100% money back guarantee. Which means there is practically ZERO RISK to you!

What Is The Catch?

Okay, the only down-side is that it is an on-going fee. That is the only problem I can find.

But let’s be real, for the amount of value and profit generating ability contained within the Blackbird software, it will well-and-truly pay for itself each and every month.

And… You can’t buy it until August 21st, 2017!


Here’s what prices are likely to look like. This will be updated once details are confirmed prior to release.

Blackbird Pricing Review
Blackbird Pricing Review


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