Weekly Winners Digest (Monday 14th of August Edition)

Weekly Winners Digest

(Monday, 14th of August Edition)

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Discipline Trumps Motivation.

Top Articles

  1. Facebook tests targeting ads to people who visited brands’ brick-and-mortar stores – I’m a huge fan of using Facebook Ads for offline businesses and stores. Being able to retarget people who visited your store could open a huge opportunity up.
  2. Learning to Re-Share: 4 Strategies to Renew, Refresh, and Recycle Content for Bigger Reach – Just about all content has multiple uses. Whether it be a PDF used for SEO backlinking purposes or a blog post turned into a video for traffic generation on Facebook or Youtube, everything can be reused, re-made and re-purposed multiple times.

  3. Millennials will take a happier workplace over better pay – Bear that in mind, either with your current job, future job or if you are an employer. Happiness (or more accurately, satisfaction and low-stress) are healthier for your long-term earning potential. Even if the job pays less!

  4. How to Show Up on the First Page of Google (Even if You’re a Nobody) – Phenomonal article from Neil Patel, great intro to SEO (and a few tips I’ve missed before too!)

  5. Content Marketing is Ruining Our Ability To Learn Online – This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while now. We live in an AVALANCHE of content. And a lot of it is genuinely helpful, but your goal now needs to get the information you need then avoid overload. Then take action. Easier said than done.

Handy Resources

  1. 40 proven marketing activities you can do in less than 1 hour – Just read that again, who wouldn’t be interested in that?

  2. THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO AFFILIATE MARKETING – Charles Ngo is a legend in the affiliate marketing world. Hitting the big leagues from almost nothing is a hell of a story. So I appreciate any and every useful guide or resource he and his team create. Looking forward to this one!

  3. 100+ Link Building Opportunities from My Private Database – An absolute ripper of a post from Detailed.com for all you SEO link builders out there, bookmark worthy!

  4. Best 157 Sales Tools: The Complete List (2017 Update) – Need sales tools? Boom. Everything you could ever possibly want or need.
  5. Ostagram – Very cool content creator and image manipulator. Worth checking out, even just for fun!

Just For Fun

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