Weekly Winners Digest (Monday 21st of August Edition)

Weekly Winners Digest

(Monday, 21st of August Edition)

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Personally, more often than not the only obstacle in my way is myself. Time to re-read this phenomenal book – The Obstacle Is The Way

Top Articles

  1. How To Write Blog Comments For Traffic and Backlinks – Killer post on an old topic from Wazza at Affiliate Marketing Ninjas. A lot of people think the tactic is spammy, that’s only because it caught a bad rap (by being used to spam…) I have instituted this as part of my SEO plan

  2. Niche Curation: A Simple but Powerful Newsletter Idea – Following on from their past idea on building a 6 figure newsletter business on Gaps, Detailed.com has put out this piece on niche curation. I think it’s a fantastic idea. Imagine you are into a very niche topic, such as Dodgeball. There might not be any one central news source because it is so niche. Perfect opportunity for someone plugged into the scene and who has access to various news sources to create a free or paid newsletter!

  3. Why You Should Kill Gated Content Once and for All – A touchy subject for some. I am of the opinion that if it works, then you should do it. Maybe run an A/B test if you currently have gated content.

  4. How Kickstagram’s Non-Technical Founders Built a $100k MRR Software Product – As a non-technical guy myself, this was a great and helpful read!

  5. The 2017 State of Conversion Optimization Report – CRO is important in almost every aspect of marketing. CXL is a killer in the space and the report does not disappoint.

Handy Resources

  1. Pocket Book – Great tool for the Australian readers. It would be the Aussie equivalent of Mint (the much beloved personal finance website/tool).

  2. 8 Great Examples of Using Chatbots for Growth – (Also includes recommendations) chatbots, chatbots, chatbots. They are big and growing fast. Get in now!

  3. Wholesale E-commerce Websites: Myths and Musts from 50 Merchants, Marketers & Influencers in Online B2B – I am including this in the Resources section in the same way Tools of Titans by Tim Ferris would be. Great to check back when you need to for all you eCommerce guys.

  4. 13 Cognitive Biases in E-commerce (and How to Use Them to Sell More) – Cognitive Biases are an often overlooked but critical aspect of any copywriting or design. Especially e-Commerce! And interestingly, you are probably using many of these already without knowing it.

  5. Productivity advice for the weird – If time is money, then by not enhancing your efficiency and productivity, you are wasting money! Massive and useful guide.
  6. Neville Medhora’s Swipefile – I know I normally stick to 5 but… this was TOO GOOD! What a goldmine for marketers, copywriters, and sales guys!

Just For Fun

Star Wars Battlefront 2: Official Starfighter Assault Gameplay Trailer – This is the Battlefront Game we’ve needed! Super hyped after this trailer. 



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