Weekly Winners Digest (Monday 24th of July Edition)

Weekly Winners Digest

(Monday, 24th of July Edition)

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Top Articles

  1. 36 Smart Ways To Grow Your Email List 2x Faster – From Blogging Wizard. Published originally on 27 May 2017, this in-depth case study/guide is super handy!
  2. Local SEO Tips from Chase Reiner SEO – The quality of writing from Chase has been increasing by leaps and bounds lately, some great tips here!
  3. Pyramids Are For Dead Pharaohs – I typically avoid Entrepreneur, as there’s a little too much of the low-level content, but I appreciated the reminder here. Stay humble.
  4. July 21st Edition of The Hustle – AlphaBay was taken down. An interesting idea was that AlphaBay did so well because Amazon can’t compete haha! What else is safe from Amazon?
  5. Quora Question “What are some bizarre businesses that make a lot of money?” – Truly some strange answers… You can make money doing pretty much anything!

Handy Resources

  1. Efficiency” – A must read for anyone serious about succeeding in life. Been waiting for this one for a while from the masters over at WSP. I’m several chapters deep already.
  2. Slack Social – Been weighing up some comparisons lately between Hootsuite, Buffer and Slack Social, Slack is winning so far!
  3. 60+ Ways To Share & Distribute Your Affiliate Links – I really need to start putting together a checklist of this kind of thing I can outsource to a VA, super handy!
  4. Crisp – Currently testing this new live website messenger program. Really clean interface, integration across Slack + Android! And the paid plans have a HUGE amount of integrations.
  5. How To Increase Your Search Traffic By 58% In 30 Days – Quick video from Neil Patel, can never deny the guy knows his stuff! Also, how cool is this video interface?

Just For Fun

  • San Diego Comicon Trailers – One of my favourite parts of the year, absolutely. And there are a TONNE of awesome trailers coming out. Get hyped!


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