Weekly Winners Digest (Monday 31st of July Edition)

Weekly Winners Digest

(Monday, 31st of July Edition)

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Top Articles

  1. How to implement a cheap growth marketing stack: Juan González reveals his $0 plan – Free marketing stack step by step to ensure you have your website analytics right.

  2. Optimizing Sites for Featured Snippets with Q&A Content [Case Study] – Another doozy from Moz, grab that Q&A Box in Google Search, that thing is dynamite!

  3. The Lazy Writer’s Guide to 30-Minute Keyword Research – Oh man, I needed this. Such an important part of SEO and your strategy is to get your keyword research right FIRST. Otherwise, you are wasting your time!

  4. How To Live A Full Life (And Leave Nothing On The Table) By 30 – Another great article from Ryan Holiday (author of The Obstacle Is The Way). Fast becoming one of my favourite writers, Ryan has a way of touching on often heard wisdom for people in their 20s with his own unique additions. Well worth the read.
  5. Thousands of women try to make a living blogging and vlogging. Most fail. – This highlights a problem and an opportunity. Most of you will fail at your first attempts. So will most other people. Going into making money online means adjusting your mindset and ignoring the get rich quick myths you’ve heard. If you can get a little better every day, then you WILL make it. Most people give up too quickly.

Handy Resources

  1. Plotagraphs – Absolutely INCREDIBLE. Create some amazing moving pictures that will grab attention. Remember, our brains are wired to react to movement! Just need to figure out how to reduce the size.
  2. Generate Traffic and Drive Sales with the Complete Guide to Google Shopping – Way under-utilised source for eCommerce traffic and a great, well-written guide. Shopify is killing it with their content lately!

  3. 7 Free Content Creation Tools to Help You Earn More Engagement Online – Does anyone else struggle with creating the Content for Content Marketing? I know I do… here’s a list of great resources to help!

  4. Failory – Think of it as the opposite of the Tools of Titans book from Tim Ferris. How do we advance? By learning from the mistakes of others. Failory has accumulated a great number of interviews and material relevant to early (and late) entrepreneurs. Avoid the mistakes of the past and reach further!
  5. Eat Well on $4/Day – Good & CHEAP! eBook by Leanne Brown – Here’s a not so fun topic, when you are starting your business, you are going to need to save money ANYWHERE you can. Live frugally for a time so you can invest more in your business. But how can you afford to go cheap on your food and still be healthy? Check out the eBook to find out! Thanks Leanne!

Just For Fun

Tesla Model 3 Launch! – It is important to have goals, and owning a brand-spanking new Tesla is one of mine!

What’s your dream car?

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