Weekly Winners Digest (Monday 4th September Edition)

Weekly Winners Digest

(Monday, 28th of August Edition)

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Simple but effective quote from the man himself Gary Vee. We often forget what is really required to succeed, myself included, and ignore the one thing that can guarantee you will succeed (eventually). How? Put in the work.

Top Articles

  1. Growth Hacking E-commerce: 10 Underrated Hacks To Convert More Visitors – Something we often forget is that the principles of Growth Hacking can also apply to eCommerce!

  2. The Anatomy of The ‘Perfect’ eCommerce Site [Infographic] – Still building your eCom store? Follow this to get a step ahead of the competition.

  3. 1% Better Every Day – A principle I try to live with from one of my absolute favourite writers, James Clear, this keynote speech is going to give you so much value you can’t handle it.

  4. All my SEO Questions Answered by Mike Arnesen (UpBuild) (Podcast) – Two of my favourite topics, SEO and Productized Services combined into this incredible podcast. Please listen!

  5. Google’s Top Warnings & Tips to SEOs in 2017 – You can’t always trust what Google says in regards to SEO, there is a clear bias there. But the warnings and tips included here are at least worth your consideration. Being aware of such trends looking into the future is essential for success.

Handy Resources

  1. The Definitive Guide to Content for SEO and Conversion – Absolutely KILLER guide here from the legend Matt Diggity.

  2. How to Increase Blog Traffic: The Ultimate Resource Guide – This is a beast of a guide, set aside time to go through and be sure to reference back when needed.

  3. Email Monster Templates – Given time, this is going to be a fantastic resource for email marketers looking for high-quality templates.
  4. Logo Maker & Branding Shop – You probably know by now that I am a huge fan of the guys at The Lemonade Stand, and they have come up with a Logo Maker and Branding tool that is sure to help a lot of newbies. I know that’s where people get stuck, so take care of it and move on to your next step ASAP!

  5. How To Systematically Build Niche Sites – Another monster guide, I’ve been getting deep into Niche Pursuits lately, there is a tonne of amazing content here with a long history. This guide stands out because the ability to systematise a process into a repeatable and scalable system is hugely important. Basically, that’s how real businesses are created.

Just For Fun

Destiny 2 – Official Launch Trailer – Super keen for this, such a shame the PC release isn’t until October!


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