Weekly Winners Digest (Monday 7th of August Edition)

Weekly Winners Digest

(Monday, 7th of August Edition)

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Top Articles

  1. Mental Models – This is one of those articles that makes something go “click” in your mind. Where everything aligns and everything makes sense. Read it.
  2. 64 Clever PPC Ideas To Test From Unbounce’s CTA Conference – Run PPC? Definitely, need to check this one out! PPC is all about getting 1% better!
  3. What Will The World Look Like in 20 Years? – Super interesting look into 20 years into the future. A lot of interesting points to read deeper into place.
  4. Make Money On Fiverr – An article from back in April but still great. One of the best in-depth articles on Fiverr (and Fiverr SEO principles linked to within).
  5. Building an 8 Figure Business in 9 Years – Lessons Learned, FAQs, Big-Ass Brain Dump – Amazing case study and Q&A. Worth reading in full (take your time).

Handy Resources

  1. 12 Killer Link Building Strategies for 2017 (with Examples and Scripts) – Phenomenal post from Robby Richards! One of the most amazing skyscraper posts I’ve seen.

  2. E-commerce Monthly: July Review & Roundup – Maybe it’s cheating, but there is some killer stuff here. Much love to Better Lemonade Stand!

  3. Twitter Bots – Interesting tool to make Twitter Bots without having to code. Curious to see what comes out of this one.
  4. OctoBot – Facebook Auto Reply Bot, one of the cheapest ones I’ve seen on the market. The ROI on these chat bots are HUGE!
  5. Builderall – All in one lead pages, click funnels, email marketing, etc. tool and website maker. This could be a real killer, watching closely!

Just For Fun

Congrats to Tropical MBA on reaching 400 episodes! I implore ALL young entrepreneurs to check them out if you have not already devoured their entire backlog đŸ˜‰

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